Deanfield Park - Ickford, HP18 9JD

A development of 66 new homes on land to the east of Worminghall Road in Ickford, Buckinghamshire


In February 2020 we acquired the land at 42 Worminghall Road, Ickford, which is the land on the north side of the village that was granted outline planning permission at appeal on 29 August 2019 for a residential development of 66 dwellings.

In May 2020 we submitted to the council an application seeking approval of the details of the access, layout, appearance, scale and landscape (the reserved matters) pursuant to the outline planning permission.

Before submitting this application, we met informally with the Parish Council on 10th March 2020. The Parish suggested to us at the meeting that it would be appropriate for us to organise a public consultation event so that you could see our plans for the site and ask questions.

Due to the on-going COVID-19 crisis it has not been possible to organise that event.

Instead we have written to all households in Ickford to notify residents of our planning application and have created this webpage to show what we have planned for the site and to provide answers to some FAQ’s regarding the site and our proposals.

If you wish to comment on our application, or have any further questions, please email us at or fill out the comments and feedback form below.


We will be building 66 homes as approved by the outline planning permission.

Yes. 20 of the 66 homes will be Affordable Homes.

Before we start building, we will enter into a contract with a Registered Housing Association who will be responsible for the ongoing management of the Affordable Homes once they have been built.

Yes. Our intention is for the estate roads to be adopted by the highway authority, which in this case is Buckinghamshire Council. As such, the estate roads have been designed to adoptable standards so are wide enough for refuse vehicles and fire tenders.

The private drives and parking courts that serve only a handful of dwellings will remain private and eventually become the responsibility of a resident controlled management company.

Yes. Approximately 1.5 acres of the development will be open space. As part of the open space scheme we will be constructing a new children’s playground known as a Local Equipped Area for Play (LEAP).

All of the open space within the development will be owned and managed by a resident controlled management company.

The surface water drainage strategy for the proposed development is in accordance with national guidelines and follows close liaison with Buckinghamshire Council, the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) for the area, and Thames Water.

The proposed development lies within flood zone 1, therefore has an annual probability of flooding of less than 1 in 1000, however we have obtained anecdotal evidence of limited surface water flooding within the site’s southern boundary.

Once developed the site drainage will be managed with surface water flows being conveyed via the new on-site drainage network to the proposed attenuation basin, which has been sized to attenuate surface water for all storm events up to and including the 1:100 year + 40% climate change scenario.

Thames Water have consented to connect the proposed SuDS system to the existing surface water sewer in Worminghall Road at a discharge rate of 5 litres per second but our system has been designed to restrict flows even further to 2 litres per second thus ensuring that all storm water is maintained on site and stored in the attenuation basin and pipe network in all storm events.

Permeable paving has been utilised throughout the site to provide further source control, to prevent any risk of flooding.

In respect of foul drainage, Thames Water have granted us consent to connect to the existing foul sewer network in Worminghall Road.

We are proposing to retain the hedgerows on the site boundaries.

The hedgerows on the northern, eastern and southern boundaries of the site will be owned and maintained by a resident controlled management company.

The hedges on the western boundary between the new homes and those on the existing houses on the eastern side of Worminghall Road will be managed jointly by the new homeowners and the owners of the existing houses on Worminghall Road.

Yes. The plans have been designed to provide sufficient parking in accordance with the council’s parking standards. Most of the new homes will have parking on-plot, although some will have parking within shared courtyards.

We impose certain covenants on each new home to ensure the development remains well presented.  Covenants include restrictions on the positioning of external satellite dishes, restrictions relating to the parking of motor vehicles on the estate roads and restrictions relating to the parking of large commercial vehicles and/or caravans on driveways or within private parking courts. Other specific restrictions relating to this development will ensure that any existing hedgerows are retained in perpetuity with ongoing maintenance obligations to keep them to a manageable size. There will also be covenants regarding the use and enjoyment of the open space areas and the LEAP to ensure these are well maintained and used as a positive benefit for all local residents.

The overhead cable crossing the south east corner of the site will be diverted underground through the development. This might require some limited removal of hedgerow on the site boundary, but any gaps created will be infilled with new planting if necessary.

There will be a signboard erected at the site entrance with the names and telephone numbers of our assistant site manager, site manager and contracts manager. In the first instance you should contact one of them if you have any questions.

Details will also be provided to enable you to contact our head office where someone will always be available to assist.

Condition 16 of the outline planning permission requires submission of a construction management plan (CMP) to the council for approval.

We will submit the CMP as a separate application following approval of the reserved matters application. The plan will include details of how we will manage construction traffic, working hours, road cleaning, contractor parking etc.

It is clear to us that all construction traffic will have to approach the site from the north via Ickford Road. It’s also clear that it would not be appropriate for HGVs to approach Ickford via Shabbington. That means that all HGVs will have to come to the site via Worminghall and Wheatley.

No. The new homes will be 1.5 to 2 storeys with single storey garages. None of the proposed buildings are more than 2 storeys in height and none of the houses have any proposed accommodation in their roof spaces.

As part of our the Section 106 planning obligations we are legally required to make payments totaling approximately £800,000 to Buckinghamshire Council. The council will then use that money to provide additional school places where if necessary.

We will be seeking for the estate roads to be adopted and part of the adoption process will require a lighting design which where possible will respect the local dark sky policy.

We project that the development will take 2 years to complete. We anticipate starting in early 2021.

Yes. We have submitted an Ecological Design Strategy with the reserved matters application that provides further details on the ecological enhancements proposed for the site.

We support the aims of the Neighbourhood Plan and submitted a representation to the inspector to that effect. We are pleased that the inspector has advised that the plan passes the legal tests and can proceed to referendum.


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Comments & Feedback

If you wish to comment on our application, or have any further questions, please email us at or fill out the comments and feedback form.

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