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Buying Off-Plan – Your Questions Answered

April 12, 2023In News4 Minutes

For many, moving home involves hours browsing property websites, visiting estate agents and viewing houses for sale. Buying a new-build home is a different experience as the home may not have been built before the purchase is made. However, buying off-plan can open up a host of opportunities, giving you the chance to get in early with the pick of the plots, have your say on options and finishes and to really make it your own.


Here we answer your questions on what it means to buy off-plan…


  1. What does buying off-plan mean?

Buying a home off-plan simply means purchasing the house before it has been built or completed, sometimes before construction has even started. You’ll be able to view brochures and plans and ask questions about your potential new home. In return for a relatively small deposit, you can secure a brand-new home and often get a say in the interior finishes.


  1. Can I choose my preferred plot location?

Absolutely, by reserving your home early, subject to availability, you have the freedom to choose your preferred position within the development. From your ideal layout and garden size to the best views, getting in early means you can pick the property that is perfect for you.  When buying off-plan you are in the rare position of being able to view the key milestones as your new home comes to life.


  1. Am I able to have a say in fixtures and fittings?

Depending on the build stage of your chosen home, you will have a degree of flexibility on the fixtures and fittings, including kitchen colours and worksurfaces, different flooring options and bathroom styles. In addition, you may be able to select certain upgrades, usually at your cost, ensuring that your chosen home feels like your home, not just any home, when you move in.


  1. Are there other advantages to buying early?

One of the benefits of buying a home off-plan is that the purchase price is agreed at the outset. This means you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that the cost of your home won’t change and could result in it being worth more by the time you move in. Most mortgage offers last between three and six months, however, it always best to check with your provider in advance to ensure that they can accommodate the time scale.

Deanfield Homes is a registered developer of the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB), an independent body tasked with developing a framework to improve the quality of new homes, to provide more protection for homeowners and to ensure developers provide a better customer experience, so when you buy with us, you can buy with confidence. Our  new homes also come with the reassurance of an independent ten-year NHBC warranty and our Customer Service team are on hand to provide extra  peace of mind for 2 years from completion of purchase.

Deanfield Homes currently have off-plan homes available at Deanfield Green, East Hagbourne and Deanfield Gate, Bledlow.