Communities for life

Our Commitment

At Deanfield Homes, our vision is to create beautiful character-filled developments in desirable village locations. Our goal transcends construction; we strive to positively impact the communities where we build, the individuals and partners we collaborate with, and all who call our developments home—now and into the future.Sustainability is high on our agenda. As custodians of the land we build on we have a responsibility to ensure that we operate in a way that is sensitive to local communities, minimises our impact on the environment and protects biodiversity. Our commitment to sustainability means we are focused on creating a lasting legacy for many generations to come, creating communities for life.


Enabling Greener Living

Reducing our carbon footprint is a priority. We meticulously monitor our resource usage and implement robust strategies for waste reduction, recycling, and reuse to cut down on energy and water consumption across our sites. Our homes are designed with sustainability in mind, exceeding current building regulations, which is evident from our B and B+ EPC ratings.

Our properties feature green technology including high levels of insulation, air source heat pumps, and EV charging points. We design our homes to be ‘zero-carbon ready,’ pre-equipped for easy retrofitting of future-proof solutions like photovoltaic panels and battery storage.
By 2025, in alignment with the Future Homes Standard, our properties will emit 75%-80% less carbon than those built under existing standards. Our 2022 membership in the Future Homes Hub underscores our commitment to collaborative efforts in achieving these ambitious environmental goals.

Enhancing Local Communities

At Deanfield Homes we feel privileged to create quality new homes that we believe enhance some of the most aspirational villages across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshireand Berkshire. We understand the sensitive nature of development and the importance of creating new homes that blend seamlessly into existing communities.

Our planning processes are community-centric, often including new public spaces and play areas. Through our contributions to local education, infrastructure, and recreational facilities, we enrich the communities we touch.

Improving Biodiversity

Every development begins with a thorough ecological survey to guide our environmental stewardship. We enhance the local ecosystem through strategic planting and the preservation of natural features, supporting a rich biodiversity.

We are committed to the government’s biodiversity targets of achieving a 10% net gain in biodiversity on all our sites, enhancing local habitats and exploring opportunities for further environmental enrichment.

Investing in our Teams

We are proud of the culture we have created at Deanfield Homes and the talented team of people and partners that make our business a success. We invest in our people, empower them and support them to reach their full potential.

We value a diverse and inclusive workforce in an environment free from discrimination. We believe in an inclusive work culture where people of different backgrounds are valued equally. We continually engage with our staff as well as external partners to help us to understand how we can make our workplace more inclusive and gain an insight into what our staff need most from us.

We offer flexible and remote working for office-based staff to help our team achieve a better work/life balance.

In the future, Deanfield Homes will play its part in encouraging young people into the industry with plans for a structured scheme for graduates and apprentices.

Our Pledge in Action

Building Social Value With RAW

In 2022, we entered into a strategic partnership with social enterprise RAW to deliver sustainable site recycling services and to transform wood waste from our sites into furniture and products for local communities.

Through the project, waste wood from all Deanfield developments is collected by RAW’s site recycling service and taken to its Oxford-based workshop to be turned into high-quality items such as benches, planters, play equipment and bird boxes which are donated to local schools, community groups and Deanfield’s own homeowners.

RAW provides employment, skills and training, with 75% of its workforce having fought, and won, against issues such as addiction, criminality, poor mental health and homelessness. Income from product and service sales also supports RAW’s specialist youth team, which helps to change the lives of 12-18 year-olds across Oxfordshire.

Rick Mower, managing director of RAW, says: “Consumers and markets are more ready than ever for organisations that can truly demonstrate that they drive real social value through their brands and services. The leadership and vision from the team at Deanfield Homes has been brilliant in bringing this partnership together which is exemplar of what can be achieved when organisations unite to create change.”