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Knock-Out Neutrals

June 21, 2022In News4 Minutes

When it comes to interior design, a sophisticated neutral scheme never goes out of fashion.
Avoiding the use of bright colours in your home can help create a light, calm and relaxing
environment which is easy to update. And a neutral scheme is anything but boring; there
are thousands of different shades to choose from, creating the perfect backdrop for bold
ironmongery, adventurous patterns, interesting artwork and natural fabrics.

At our Deanfield Park development in Ickford, our interior designers Lifestyle Interiors have
created a beautiful family home with a neutral palette, full of sophistication and character.
We caught up with their design team to get some top tips on how to create a show-stopping
neutral scheme in your own home.

1. Tone-up
Open-up any paint sample book and you’ll soon appreciate just how many neutral shades
there are available! Choose from classic monochromes and cool greys to warm tones of
beige and brown. Opting for the same light shade for the walls in every room will ensure a
cohesive flow throughout the house and help create a feeling of space. Add warmer accent
colours through upholstery and furniture along with stronger shades of navy, black and
charcoal through cushions, lampshades or prints.

2. The Light Fantastic
It’s important to consider the light in your home when deciding on your neutral colour
scheme. If you're decorating a dark, north-facing room or a room that doesn't get much
natural light, warmer tones work best. If you’re lucky enough to have a light-filled, south-
facing room you can opt for just about any colour, but cooler shades will work really well
against the sun's natural warmth.

3. Layer those textures
The secret to adding interest to a neutral look is to layer different textures in your home
through accessories, furniture and finishes. Natural stone such as granite can be visually
stunning and brass, bronze, natural wood and boucle fabrics all look fantastic with neutral
colour tones. Crisp fresh linens are perfect in summer, whilst plush velvets or a chunky knit
throw help create a cosier look in the autumn and winter.

4. Have fun with accessories
A home isn’t complete without personal accessories and finishing touches, so fill your rooms
with unique pieces, collectables and souvenirs for that individual look. A neutral backdrop
means you can really go to town with ornaments like natural stone or ceramics, feature
printed wallpaper, striking black and white family photos or a stand-out piece of artwork.

5. Make a statement
Statement furniture can really lift a neutral scheme. Go bold with dark wood furniture or
pieces painted in rich navy or deep charcoal. Add a signature mirror, plush dining room
chairs or an oversized sofa for real impact. Upstairs, you might want to keep the master
bedroom a tranquil escape, but go to town in the kids’ bedrooms with a character theme to
suit their passions.

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