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Savio Gets an Insight into Careers in Construction

August 2, 2022In News2 Minutes

15-year-old student Savio recently joined Deanfield Homes for work experience to find out about careers in housebuilding. The visit was part of a school initiative aimed at giving pupils a better understanding of the working world and to discover potential career paths for the future.

Savio is interested in property development and Deanfield Homes gave him the opportunity to spend time with its land, construction and commercial teams as well as visit a number of its developments.  Savio was able to get involved with architectural plans, the land acquisition process and also learnt about the importance of health and safety on a construction site.

He was also able to find out about the range of different roles that are available in the property sector, giving him plenty of ideas for a future career.

Savio commented: “I’ve really enjoyed my time at Deanfield Homes working in a team and learning about the different areas of the business, from how land is negotiated to how homes are built and sold. It’s definitely made me consider a career in the sector.”

“As I take Business Studies in school, I was really excited to go behind the scenes and find out more about the company, how it’s run and what goes on within the property industry.”

But there’s another reason why Savio felt right at home at Deanfield – he has lived in one of its properties with his family for the last three years! Maybe he’ll be helping to build more Deanfield homes in the future.